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Building Storage Tanks to Meet Growing Demand


Aberdeen, Idaho, USA

Project Type:

Field Erected Tanks & Piping

Precision Liquid Construction (PLC), a division of Precision Tank and part of the Precision Build team, recently completed a large-scale project in Aberdeen, Idaho. PLC handled the liquid storage and distribution portion of this project creating a facility designed to meet customer needs with greater capacity and efficiency.


The new plant enables the customer to deliver products with the highest level of accuracy in preparation for the condensed growing experienced in Eastern Idaho. That translates into more efficient utilization and money saved by growers.


PLC field erected two 600,000 gallon, four 250,000 gallon, and six 50,000 gallon storage tanks as well as supplying six 10,500 gallon poly tanks, four 25,000 gallon mild steel tanks, one 30,000 gallon fiberglass tank, and eight 6,250 gallon poly shop built tanks as well as all the process piping.


The new plant replaces two nearby aging facilities and enables them to satisfy the Eastern Idaho demand for efficient delivery of products that meet the areas soil and crop specific needs for decades to come.

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