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Precision Build Completes First Collaborative Project

4/1/2021 | Precision Build

The first commercial collaboration between the Precision Build companies of TTI-FSS and Precision Tank is successfully under way. Together, we are designing, fabricating, coating and erecting 23 shop-built tanks, walkways, and piping. This project proves the strategy and synergy behind the new Precision Build!


Project 6678 is the ultimate team effort. The 15’6” dia x 16’ tall tanks were fabricated and coated at the TTI-FSS Adamo facility in Tampa FL, while the 12’ dia x 15’ tall tanks were fabricated and coated in the Precision Tank facility in Virginia IL. All engineering, detailing and project management was handled by our teams located at the TTI-FSS main office in Gibsonton FL and field erection was performed by our TTI-FSS field team.


This project proved our teams’ ability to communicate and coordinate effectively across multiple locations and groups while maintaining schedule and budget. Great job by all! We look forward to much more collaboration as we continue to come together as Precision Build.