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Corey Yraguen

Precision Build Solutions

President and CEO

  • BS in Business Administration
  • 32 years in steel fabrication and services

David Hemming

Precision Build Companies & Precision Tank

President and CEO

  • 33 years experience in metal fabrication/business development

Wil Lunt

Chief Financial Officer

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Masters of Accounting
  • BS in Accounting and Construction Management
  • 7 years of public accounting experience

Chris Moore

VP of Construction

  • BS in PRTM Natural Resources
  • API Certified Inspector, 15 years in tank construction

Jason Bahamonde

VP of Fabrication

  • Certified General Contractor, FL, GA, LA, SC, NC, AL with Certificate in Construction Management
  • 21 Years in Steel Fabrication

Rick Brandt

Chairman, Precision Build Board of Managers

  • CEO & President of BRANDT, Inc.
  • Focusing on growing the organization through synergies with other Tampa-area investments.

Lee Allen

Secretary & Advisor, Precision Build Board of Managers

  • Chief Legal Officer, BRANDT, Inc.
  • Focused on managing risk and finding opportunities for growth.

Joe Brummel

Member, Precision Build Board of Manager

  • Chief Financial Officer, BRANDT, Inc.
  • Responsible for maintaining a strong balance sheet, putting it to work to grow the company.

David Reed

Member, Precision Build Board of Managers

  • Founder and principal of Shepard Capital Partners
  • Co-founder of Dominion Capital Group
  • 20+ years in outside management of steel tank and structural steel business.

Cal Reed

Member, Precision Build Board of Managers

  • VP, Tampa Tank/Florida Structural Steel
  • 40+ years in steel tank field construction